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:: Introducing, Quorra :: by LaughingSquid :: Introducing, Quorra :: by LaughingSquid
This is my new kitty, Quorra (pronounced 'Kora'), who I've only had a week! I named her after the character of the same name from the new Tron: Legacy movie. She's not a kitten anymore but she sure acts like it. I adopted her from my step sister, who was never home to take care of her and didn't really even consider cats to be anything more than animals. I see them as parts of the family. <3

Anyways, she's super vocal when she wants something (and that's all the freaking time). I spoiled her too much this past weekend by playing with her a lot. Now she thinks that will be an every day occurrence and that just can't be. She now meows in front of my closet, begging for me to get her fishing pole toys out... maybe I should move where I put them. lol

Photo taken last night (8 February 2012) with my barely used until now Canon Rebel XTi :meow:
Shierkhan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
Sounds like you both a lot of adjusting to each other to do. :)
Gorgeous cat!!
I wholeheartedly agree, cats and other animals are Georgina, as a case in point.
Glad to hear she's where she's going to be getting attention and love.
...and as a cat owner, I'll tell you this, prepare for compromises that favor the cat. You try to stand against The Cute, and you lose. I know this first-hand. :D
LaughingSquid Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
True that. lol. She's so smart and adorable... except when she doesn't get her way. Haha that's when she gets into trouble and tries chewing on cords, etc. *sigh* She's still my baby, though <3
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